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Work With Us

At Four Candles we’re always on the look out for awesome humans who are inquisitive, looking for a challenge, personable, driven to succeed and ideas orientated.

And if you’re looking for a workplace where…

  • There’s a genuine interest in opinions and ideas from everywhere in the business; trust us- we don’t believe the Hippo is always right! (highest paid person’s opinion)
  • In a world where people are led to conform, we dare you to be yourself.
  • Open, honest conversations and feedback that grow and move the business forward are the norm.
  • Every employee shares in the success of the business…

We have currently filled all our roles but if you would like your CV to be looked at for future roles, please fill out the below form with your details.


Become a Supplier

Four Candles is nothing without our supplier relationships. And as we embark on our ambition to build the food business we always wanted to work for and provide to our customers, we would love to have a chat with likeminded food, beverage and wellness brands.

What we are looking to build…

Four Candles is about bringing the best food, beverage and wellness products from across New Zealand together in one place and run by the team at the center of our culture.

Ultimately, it’s about providing our customers the opportunity to buy these premium products by having a focused, meaningful offer and where possible encourage our customers to relate to the products by bringing the product’s story to life.

Why would we be a good partner for you?

In one word “openness”. We are committed advocates of what we term radical openness and the use of data to drive decisions. We have worked in large organisations and specialized in creating fact based, data driven decision making environments.

What it means for you as a potential supplier is we will be clear on what we are looking for, we will share our data with you, helping you to understand how your business with us is doing versus others in the same category
(retaining confidentiality of course).

Ultimately, it’s all about mutual benefits, including your needs as a supplier and ours as a retailer to ensure decisions are clearly understood and made based on facts not emotions, driving the best possible outcome.

Become a part of Four Candles.

We truly believe in partners not just suppliers. So, if you’re interest in having your products ranged in our store and our approach and story sparks your interest then get in touch, we’d love to have a chat!

In the meantime, we wish you all the best in going after your dream, whether we get to work together or not.

Good food is wise medicine